7 Reasons Why You Need Local Currency For Your Next Trip Abroad

Having local currency is important when abroad, but which currency do you need and where can you get the best exchange rate?

When it comes to travel, cash is king; whether it be Euros, Pounds, Dollars or Baht's. Everyone excepts it and with no added “convienience fee's”.

In other words, if you’re a Australian resident, you can buy currency apart from dollar sterling – for example euros or dollars. And there are several reasons why this may be of benefit to you.

Here are the 7 Reasons You Need to Exchange for the Local Currency Before You Travel:
  1. Much better exchange rates than exchanging cash at the airport

    Many airports have foreign currency exchange booths that offer terrible exchange rates. It’s not uncommon to get exchange rates at airport travel money booths which are over 10% worse that rates offers by leading currency exchanges.

  2. Better exchange rates than most credit or debit cards

    Most credit and/or debit cards will commonly charge you 2.75% on foreign currency transactions, and ATM fee's for cash withdrawals on top of that! This means that leading currency exchanges can beat your existing debit or credit card by up to 4%.

  3. No point-of-sale usage fees

    Unlike your existing debit or credit card which will commonly charge you a 2.75% foreign exchange fee on all transactions, most travel money cards are completely free-of-charge to use at point-of-sale. There's no fee for using the local currency in restaurants, shops, hotels etc.

  4. No ATM fees

    Once you have cash, you're good to go. If you had to use a card, you'd be charged every time you pulled cash out; you might as well have not deposited it in the first place if you knew you'd have to pay to get it.

  5. Access your money anywhere Worldwide.

    Our 10 Minute, awards winning service means that you can access your money anywhere in the world within 10 minutes.

  6. Cash is king!

    Anywhere in the world, using a check can be a hassle, some merchants don't accept credit cards; but everyone accepts cash. By cash of course, I mean the primary currency of the region (dollars, pounds, Euro's, etc). You don't want to be in the middle of nowhere and pull out your diner's club card. Even the major credit cards can be a hassle, merchants in most cities in Europe rarely take credit cards.

  7. Lock-in exchange rates when they are high

    Another great thing about cash is that once you exchange it, you lock-in the currency exchange rate which you get on the day. That means that you can hold-off exchanging your travel cash if you think that the rate’s going to get better before you travel. You can also buy now if you think that the rate’s going to go down.

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