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As the economy hits a downturn, there must be hardly anyone who would miss out on an opportunity for earning some extra money apart from what they are earning from their regular job. This clearly explains the growing popularity of chance and luck based casinos and lotteries. However, lotteries and casinos are not the only options you can explore to earn some additional income. There are other foolproof methods that guarantee good revenues.

Today, people are increasingly becoming aware of how currency markets, share markets and stock markets function. If you have sound knowledge of trading in these markets, you can certainly earn a handsome amount on a regular basis. By taking some calculated risks, you can earn big and enjoy a luxurious life.  

About Danesh Exchange

Out of the three markets aforementioned, the currency market has emerged as the most popular and the most lucrative. Before you start currency trading, it is obvious to state that you need to have foreign currency. And this is where Danesh Exchange enters the picture. Professionals working in the currency market often buy foreign currency as against one country’s currency and sell the currency against some other’s country. This is a profitable trading option that is less risky as compared to stock market trading or share market trading. The simple reason why the currency market involves fewer risks is that economies of different countries will not keep oscillating between good times to bad times on a regular basis.

Foreign Exchange with Danesh Exchange

To be an informed trader, it is also essential that you keep a track of the economic and business developments of different countries across the world. Buying foreign currency is an integral part of currency trading. Danesh Exchange provides foreign exchange without any fees or commission so this obviously reduces your financial burden if you have just started out. It is also equally essential that you have sound knowledge of the currency market before you start trading. In the past, several people have made astounding profits by purchasing Iraqi Dinars. Investing in Iraqi Dinars is now much in vogue among currency traders since it promises high returns and is considerably low in value. However, you should not just jump the bandwagon and invest in the Iraqi Dinar only after you have gained a thorough knowledge about it.

The currency market has its own complexities and selling and buying foreign exchange might seem a simple task but it is a lot more than being simple. Firstly, you should never take a risk of directly trading in the currency market. You would certainly require a reliable foreign exchange broker. Look no further than Danesh Exchange. It is a reliable and professional company and is always at your beck and call through faxes, emails and phones.

Why choose us?

Apart from serving customers as reliable foreign exchange brokers, we have also made lives simpler for many people by offering hassle-free money transfers. We offer online money transfers which means now you can send money in any currency to any part of the world. What this implies is that you do not have to sign on countless cheques or stand in serpentine queues to send money overseas. The company efficiently handles the entire money transfer process so your family members receive the money in a short period.

Easy Money transfers with Danesh Exchange

It understands that emergencies never come announced and you never know when an emergency will crop up in your family. In such a situation, you certainly cannot wait for a week or more to transfer money across. Thus, it offers immediate money transfers so that urgent needs are fulfilled without any hassle. You must be aware that using a public computer to transfer funds is laden with security risks. However, this is not the same with our secure and reliable online money transfers. It makes use of highly secured and protected devices to save passwords, and carry out money and business transactions so that the clients do not have to face any inconvenience.

It services many clients who have multiple bank accounts for several reasons. Many working professionals and businessmen have multiple accounts. By using Danesh Exchange’s services, they have found it much easier to transfer money online. If a particular amount has to be transferred from a personal account to a family account or any other, then it handles such transfers in the most efficient manner. You only have to notify us from the confines of your home or office.

Beginners guide for travel money services

Whether you are going away on holiday or for business, you will need to arrange to foreign currency for your needs. The best way to get your foreign currency these days is to use an online travel money service. With the development of technology, plenty of online travel money services have come to the industry in order to make your life easy.

Travelers can experience a wide range of benefits and advantages by seeking the assistance of an online travel money service to get foreign cash they need. Since the travel money services have a huge competition to offer the best possible rates, it will be hard for you to find the best service provider. But when you are purchasing foreign currency online, you will get the opportunity to compare the rates with less hassle and go for the best service provider. In most cases, the online travel money services does not charge any commission fee. Travelers can dramatically reduce their expenses on service charges by going for an online travel money service. It can be considered as a convenient method to get the cash you need. You can have the money delivered to the airport you travel and pick it when you arrive.

If you decide to buy foreign cash from the airport of the destination country, you will have to wait in the long queues. In that situation, you will not have a clear idea about the exchange rates and you will not have a reliable source to check it. However, you can do a simple research online and look for the best exchange rates that you can get in the destination country. It will assist you to go for the best deal in a convenient way. They can even offer a quick service to you, in order to keep you away from trouble

Many people who travel abroad prefer to withdraw money to their credit or debit cards. You should not do it under any condition because they charge a huge amount of commission fees from your account. It will be hard for you to afford the provided rates of interest. Therefore, all the travelers are encouraged to keep some cash and travelers check on their pocket. You can only use the debit or credit cards during an emergency. You should not keep all the money as cash along with you. It is better to keep a mixture of checks, cash and credit cards. You will not be able to use checks or cards when doing some street shopping or paying a tip for the waiter. Getting the assistance of an online travel money service is the best method available to get the cash you need. However, you need to be careful in order to go for a reliable travel money service provider like Foreign Exchange Melbourne  to experience all the above mentioned benefits. 

7 Reasons Why You Need Local Currency For Your Next Trip Abroad

Having local currency is important when abroad, but which currency do you need and where can you get the best exchange rate?

When it comes to travel, cash is king; whether it be Euros, Pounds, Dollars or Baht's. Everyone excepts it and with no added “convienience fee's”.

In other words, if you’re a Australian resident, you can buy currency apart from dollar sterling – for example euros or dollars. And there are several reasons why this may be of benefit to you.

Here are the 7 Reasons You Need to Exchange for the Local Currency Before You Travel:
  1. Much better exchange rates than exchanging cash at the airport

    Many airports have foreign currency exchange booths that offer terrible exchange rates. It’s not uncommon to get exchange rates at airport travel money booths which are over 10% worse that rates offers by leading currency exchanges.

  2. Better exchange rates than most credit or debit cards

    Most credit and/or debit cards will commonly charge you 2.75% on foreign currency transactions, and ATM fee's for cash withdrawals on top of that! This means that leading currency exchanges can beat your existing debit or credit card by up to 4%.

  3. No point-of-sale usage fees

    Unlike your existing debit or credit card which will commonly charge you a 2.75% foreign exchange fee on all transactions, most travel money cards are completely free-of-charge to use at point-of-sale. There's no fee for using the local currency in restaurants, shops, hotels etc.

  4. No ATM fees

    Once you have cash, you're good to go. If you had to use a card, you'd be charged every time you pulled cash out; you might as well have not deposited it in the first place if you knew you'd have to pay to get it.

  5. Access your money anywhere Worldwide.

    Our 10 Minute, awards winning service means that you can access your money anywhere in the world within 10 minutes.

  6. Cash is king!

    Anywhere in the world, using a check can be a hassle, some merchants don't accept credit cards; but everyone accepts cash. By cash of course, I mean the primary currency of the region (dollars, pounds, Euro's, etc). You don't want to be in the middle of nowhere and pull out your diner's club card. Even the major credit cards can be a hassle, merchants in most cities in Europe rarely take credit cards.

  7. Lock-in exchange rates when they are high

    Another great thing about cash is that once you exchange it, you lock-in the currency exchange rate which you get on the day. That means that you can hold-off exchanging your travel cash if you think that the rate’s going to get better before you travel. You can also buy now if you think that the rate’s going to go down.

Danesh Exchange is your one place for all your foreign currency exchange. We buy and sell international currency to customers with different needs. Whether you require exchanging money for your holiday’s trip, or are part of a commercial business, small or large; Danesh Exchange can deliver the right foreign exchange solutions for you.

Danesh Exchange, a unique service in giving you the best foreign exchange rate prices, with $0 commissions or fees.

  • $0 commission or Fees
  • Higher Exchange Rates
  • Buy/Sell International Money including...
  • USD, GBP, EURO, SGD, NZD, AED, CAD, FJD, IDR and much More...


Foreign Currency Exchange – How to get best out of it?

Have you ever thought that money can bring you more money? Does this question led you to think of that fixed deposit or SIP or any other schemes that promised you doubling of your money in a particular duration. Well, this article doesn’t  talk about any of them. This article simply talks of benefiting from foreign currency exchange.  The foreign currency exchange is just not used by people travelling in foreign countries in order to get the currency of the travelling country rather it is also used as a method to earn money.

Don’t Get Caught Out With Exchange Fees Abroad

A recent newspaper article highlighted how unsuspecting holidaymakers were getting caught out on holiday when it comes to currency exchange. The issue occurs when a tourist chooses the option of paying in local currency. If the holidaymaker chooses to pay in local currency, then they are charged an additional fee – anything up to 5%.

The 5% fee might not seem a lot, however, when a holidaymaker is paying for hotel bills, restaurant bills, using a cash machine or paying for any of the other additional expenses that come with a holiday, these charges soon mount up, and new research shows that more than forty per cent of tourists from the UK have been caught out by these fees.

Collectively, this could cost UK tourists more than £290 million over the summer of 2013, and the costs of paying for goods overseas looks set to continue to rise. Unfortunately, these charges are legal, so there is little the consumer can do once they have been charged these additional fees.

However, doing some research before your holiday would be a good idea if you want to avoid having an additional 5% added to your bills. First of all, Tourists have the option of buying a prepaid currency card, which will help the consumer to avoid higher fees, however, these cards do often carry a charge for a transaction, they’re just set at a lower rate.

Experts also suggest that some holiday makers still aren’t comfortable with using foreign currency. However, the process of buying foreign currency needn’t be difficult, especially with the many foreign exchange services that offer currency with no fees or commissions.

Holidaymakers are assured of getting the best value from these types of exchanges, and will often get more for their money. Buying foreign currency this way is stress free; all the consumer has to do is order the currency online and collect the travel money once it is available. Quotes are available onl the Internet and the money is offered in a vast range of currencies.

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