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Danesh Exchange also provides international money transfer facilities for our customers in and around Melbourne. Whether you want to send out money to your family members or friends overseas, we make sure that it is a hassle-free and easy task. You may want to transfer cash in any currency, we offer the perfect platform. It can be any amount of money, we make sure that our customers don’t get disappointed as they usually do with other money transfer centers and banks.

moneygram-money-transfersMany banks make it a difficult task to carry out money transfers. However that doesn’t mean that you don’t have other options. With foreign exchange and money transfer services being our specialty, we are your one stop shop for all related services. If you have a dear one in financial trouble, and you can’t reach him/her with financial help through any other mode, take advantage of our hassle-free money transfer services.

At the same time, financial troubles can also come to you, and you may be in need of help from an overseas friend or family. If you have sent cash to a friend in the past, you’ll require your money back at one time or the other. If you want to receive money from an overseas friend or family, you can again consider our services for receiving a money transfer. Without concern for the reason, Danesh Exchange enables you to receive cash from any part of the world.

moneytransfermelbourneWe are a licensed foreign exchange and money transfer center, having years of experience in the field. We use all the latest and most secure systems for ensuring secure financial transactions. In addition to offering the level of security offered by banks, we offer the advantage of hassle-free currency exchange and money transfer services. When you visit our office, you don’t have to worry about the long list of paperwork to get your job done. We try and keep the paperwork to the minimal, requiring you to do just what is essential and required according to standard rules and regulations. We are also committed to national and international security and ensure that all the rules laid down by the government are followed in strict accordance. That is part of our duty and we ensure that it doesn’t have to trouble our customers and clients who are also responsible citizens.

So when you need currency exchange in AFN, JPY, NOK, AED, IDR, CAD, PKR, CNY, SAR, DKK, SGD, EUR, FJD, HKD, INR, THB, MYR, EUR, TWD, USD or GBP, just visit us and you’ll have the foreign currency in your hand without the need to pay any commission or fees to us. In addition, you can also remain assured that you are getting the highest possible foreign exchange rate compared to other organisations like banks and other foreign currency exchange centres.

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